Sunday, May 02, 2010

Free keyword tool that offers amazing features.

I was introduced to a new keyword tool by an online friend of mine who is also a problogger and earning more than I am.

This keyword tool is called Keyrow. I gave a customary glance at this keyword tool. While doing so, I read how this keyword tool compares two websites for similar keywords.

I sat up! This could open several doors for me to enable me to compete for search engine ranking with similar blogs on the same niche!

I agree I am not much of a blogger that uses keyword rich content. I just write naturally but conveying my message in the process.

Let me elaborate on the keywords comparison factor of Keyrow.

I entered my blog URL and the URL of a website that is always above me in SERPs. I was shown a list of keywords, how they mattered in the search engine rankings for the two URLs I compared and I could see the number of searches for the keywords that mattered!

Any feedback from users of this keyword known as Keyrow?

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