Sunday, May 02, 2010

Get anything personalized.

I know coffee clutches and lip balms are not related products but still I landed on a page about personalized lip balm while I was actually searching for a way to customize about 1000 coffee clutches for a club owner friend of mine.
Actually, we both sat in front of my PC and went about the task. I quickly narrowed down to, who seemed to be good at imprinting official logo on anything. They literally mean anything boss! They customize a big range of products that include water bottles, lip balms, magnets, key chains, calendars and caps and so on.
My club owner friend has already bought the 1000 coffee clutches. He was impressed with what he saw in usimprints. He thanked me for my help and promised to send some customized coffee clutches when they are ready.
Now, I am going to search my friend circle to see if someone is interested in giving away customized lip balms. I need more lip balms than insulated coffee clutches.
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