Monday, May 17, 2010

First social blogging tool.

For the last half an hour, I was exploring the various features of Bag the web, a unique tool for bloggers to be of use to self and to other bloggers in the blogosphere.

What is a bag?
In simple terms, you create a virtual bag given by Bag the Web, drop every links to sites and blog posts that you find it useful to you. I am sure, if I find anything useful to me (I am a serious blogger), it will be useful to other bloggers across the world.

Can I call it Social Blogging?
Yes, you can. In fact, it is.

A bag can collect any topic. Also it can link to other relevant bags as references.

The whole process of creating your web bag is easy and fun. The user interface is very friendly.

Have a look at my web bag that I just created. This will give you a clear idea of a web bag.

Here is a screenshot of my bag. Click on my name to see my profile.

This is an excellent social blogging by which bloggers can reach out and also get valuable content for their blogs.
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