Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to become an energy auditor?

A week before, I came to know about the career in energy auditing is reasonably lucrative and the job satisfaction is absolute. A long lost friend of mine found me through Facebook last week. She is an independent energy auditor now and charges $425 per inspection.

She is a certificate holder from Building Performance Institute (BPI). An energy auditor inspects a residential or a commercial building for energy input and output, insulation, ventilation and assesses the building’s thermal efficiency.

Energy auditors’ role in energy conservation and eco-maintenance is crucial and this profession is now a respected one that also pays well. trains aspiring energy auditors and their training and curriculum have received recognition from Government bodies, educational institutions and corporate sectors.

I agree I didn’t understand much of energy auditing from my friend. It is too technical for me. However, I could gauge the value of the services rendered by energy auditors.
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