Monday, May 03, 2010

Newly found weight loss herb.

I must thank an unknown blogger who gave me new insights on diet pills that work and what to look for in them. His blog post is honest and he has talked about a new ingredient called ‘Irvingia Gabonesis’ in diet pills that work.

Since it is the first time I come across ‘Irvingia’, I looked it up in the Internet. It is an herb found in West Africa and it is said to suppress the appetite as well as burn the fat. These two qualities are rare in a single ingredient that is used in diet pills.

I did some research on this rare weight loss herb and learnt that it is also called as wild mango because its fruits resemble mango.

In one forum, someone has written that Irvingia fills up the stomach with thick fiber and thus suppress the appetite.

I could not find more authentic medicinal qualities of Irvingia.

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