Tuesday, June 01, 2010

How do you judge a joint health supplement?

Probably, more Indians complain of joint pains than people in the rest of the world. I am definitely in that list of Indians. Trust me, just about 5 minutes ago only, I came to know about joint health supplements that may be a boon to millions of sufferers due to wearing joints.

About 20 years ago, pain and inflammation in the joints were reported only by adults of 50 years plus. Now, even my son, who is yet to complete 24 years is reporting pain in his knee joints.

Do these joint health supplements provide real value as they claim? What are the ingredients in these supplements?

I have never heard of the following names that make a joint health supplement:

* MSM.

* Hondroitin

* Glucosamine,

Joint health supplements reviews also have not elaborated more on the ingredients. I find it difficult to conclude.

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