Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Why Colonix is failing to produce expected results.

Apart from reading review sites, I also read forums dedicated to a particular product before I decide to buy anything. For example, when my brother recommended colonix, the most reviewed colon cleanser, I looked up for forums that discussed colonix.

I was surprised to find more than 15 forums that discussed colonix only! Consumers who have bought colonix initially rated it high but after sometime, colonix started receiving complaints of negative side effects.

Colon cleaners work to detoxify our digestive system and relieve of constipation. However, colonix consumers reported constipation as one of the negative side effects!

I could not believe it. I checked further about this complaint in review sites and they too confirmed this widespread complaint. The reason for colonix causing negative side effects was it did not contain the right amount of natural ingredients.

It is hard to digest but I could not find any comments from Dr.Natura, who developed Colonix.

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