Friday, July 09, 2010

How to increase blog traffic in simple ways?

One of my friend has been desperate to increase his blog readership and another friend of mine got Google PR4 without doing any Internet marketing at all! How did this happen?

Hey, I know Google PR doesn't mean big traffic. It also didn't mean that second friend's blog as no traffic.

So, how to increase blog traffic simply?
* I have learnt that the topic of the blog decides the traffic. There is really no point in blogging about a subject that has no search volume at all.
* Participate in revenue sharing sites where you get instant readers o your post.
* Submit to RSS feed directories.
* Use Facebook effectively
* Use Zemanta as your main blogging tool.
* Use Google groups to increase visitors.
* If you can write a press release, it will be a great traffic puller.

Try all these one by one and you will certainly see results.

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