Sunday, July 11, 2010

What to do after creating your first blog?

After you have created your first blog, you should seriously start promoting if at all you wish someone to read your blog.

Today, I am going explore publicly some of the blog promotion avenues. This blog post is only for newbies to the world of blogosphere.

Social Networks

Let us go with crowd. If every blogger is tapping the huge traffic potentiality of social networks, then, you should also follow them. Register yourself in all the major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linked in and Digg and explore the possibilities of showing your blog in front of millions of Internet marketers.

Stumble Upon is also a strong recommendation as it can instantly pump in new and targeted visitors to your blog.


Don’t be selfish. Reciprocate others’ visits, read sincerely their blog posts and leave feedback with a link back to your blog or vote in Digg or Mixx.

Blog Networks

Mybloglog and Blog catalog are the best available options for all bloggers to establish regular readership. The potentiality of building up long-term relationships with bloggers from all parts of the world through bloggers’ network is big.

Search engines and directories.

Don’t ignore the importance of submitting your blog home page URL and RSS feed URL to all the major blog search engines like Technorati and RSS feed directories like RSS Hugger.

I know of 100 plus useful blog directories where you can submit your blog under proper categories.

If you find it hard to compile a list of best places to submit your blog, email me and I will sell you a list of 121 places to submit your blog for just $5.

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