Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spitting gold bars and coins.

Did you watch the video of the first gold bar vending machine that is installed in a famous hotel in Abu Dhabi? No one could have missed the gold bar ATM in Emirates Palace because the vending machine itself is made of solid gold.

This gold bar ATM spits out gold bars in denominations of five and ten gram bars apart from one-ounce gold bars.

My husband’s brother showed me a few gold coins that he bought from the wonder gold ATM. I must agree they matched the beauty of the American Eagle gold coins that I bought from the U.S. Gold Bureau, the world’s largest precious metals dealer based in Austin, Texas.

The U.S Gold Bureau has been my trusted source for all things related buying and selling of silver and gold coins and ingots.

I very much doubt the introduction of gold vending machines in other parts of the world due to security issues.

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