Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why wedding blog is profitable?

How many weddings have you seen? Do you know that there are literally thousands of bloggers who operate a blog related to wedding because there is so much information available about weddings and its related products and services?

There are:

  • wedding planning services
  • wedding dresses
  • wedding parties
  • wedding halls
  • gifts to the bride and groom
  • Photography and videography services
  • Photo albums
  • Wedding catering services
  • Wedding entertainment
  • Wedding invitations

More and much more for you to blog about wedding if you care to do your research.

You can monetize you blog with AdSense, find affiliate products related to wedding (thousands are available) and your wedding blog will even attract advertisers of honeymoon planners and holiday packaging service providers. They pay big sir.

No matter what your wedding issue is, you can weave an article around it. For example, you can write exclusive articles for the bride and the groom.

You can blog various wedding cultures of different nations. This could be huge project as there is so much information to blog about if you dig around.

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