Thursday, August 12, 2010

New method to monetize your blog content.

This looks an easy way to monetize the content of your blog.

Have you heard of VigLink? This is actually an affiliate network. Viglink has partnered with 12,500 affiliate network! That is a huge network really-eh?

How it works?
Simply said, whenever you write about a product or service on your blog, you include a link to that normally-right? What if that link is turned into an affiliate link without any work from you?

VigLink will convert the normal links for that product or service into an affiliate link automatically. This is a big time saver because it takes a lot of time to search for products that pays you if your link generates a sale.

Just insert a Java script provided by VigLink in your blog's HTML page and you are done! If any of your blog readers is enticed to click on that affiliate link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Viglink is compatible with most of the blogging platforms that include Blogger, WordPress and TypePad. You get paid through Paypal if your earnings reach a minimum of $25.

Remember, Viglink takes 25% of your earnings as service fee.

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