Sunday, September 19, 2010

A big list of do follow sites.

A blogger named Darla, has created a Squidoo Lens on 'Do Follow'. Newbies who are willing to learn the importance of 'Do Follow' while building one way backlinks should visit the lens.

Darla has compiled a huge list of do follow sites that include:
* 12 blog services
* 4 Social networking sites
* 42 articles sites
* 29 social bookmarking sites
* 11 social portal sites in the likes of Hub pages

The lens links to useful articles about Google pagerank, Google's way of looking at inbound links and how the major 4 search engines treat 'no follow' attribute.

You may find more do follow links elsewhere on the web but when you filter the non-working sites from them, you will find only what are listed in Darla's Squidoo lens.
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