Sunday, September 19, 2010

Acne is no scarier.

Is it true that women who sweat more are vulnerable to acne on chin or elsewhere on their face? Why I ask this is because this particular issue was discussed in an acne forum.

There wee only two answers; both were vague and did not address the question at all.

I don’t know why acne on chin bothered someone! Acne can appear on cheeks and on nose too. If they can be treated without scars, then, why can't they cure the pimples on chin? Surely, acne gel or cream is not biased about the location of the acne!

Pronexin and Acnepril are right now the most sought after acne cure products. Both contain many natural herbs though, I think, Acnepril has little more. The presence Mangosteen juice in Acnepril should be favorably looked upon by those who have acne on chin.

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