Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Don't write articles!

If you linger too much in the blogosphere, you will soon find yourself hating the word, 'article marketing'. I know it gave me that feeling when I came across at last 15 times a day in the internet marketing related forums, blogs and social media discussions.

Those who scream at you to try article marketing to increase backlinks and targeted visitors don't ever teach you how to articles because most of them just rewrite existing articles and use automatic article submission software to propagate their junk in 100 or so article directories where they get buried quickly that even search engines are afraid to enter.

So what is the point of advising you to write articles? Why they are shouting at the top of their voice that article marketing is the order of the day?

It is just to show they too joined the bandwagon and they have claimed naturally a right to brag.

After 5 years of blogging and after 6500 posts, let me tell you one thing:
Blogs are more avidly read than articles. Every article directory is visited only by those who want to rewrite them. Information seekers treat article directories as junk with the exception of a few sites.

Blogs posts that are less than 250 words serve the purpose. They are frequented by human beings.
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