Friday, September 10, 2010

What will happen in November?

“Why you are so much obsessed with buying gold coins, you cannot carry a bag full of gold bullion even though they are portable asset”-ridiculed my husband.

I told him neither I intend to carry anything wherever I go nor I have the money to buy a bag full of bullion. I only purchase one gold coin once in three months.

“If you are still worried Mr.Badri, I will arrange for a safe storage; I am sure the U.S. Gold Bureau can arrange that”-I retorted back.

Later, I realized what my husband was driving at. Should I sell my gold holdings? I can book substantial profit though the money may not be big. After all, I have only about 14 American buffalo gold coins.

No, I will wait until November when the price of gold will be at an all time high.

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