Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Adsense revenue from feed directories.

Oops! I have failed to teach my SEO trainees that they can earn a few extra money by submitting their blog's feed to certain feed directories that share their AdSense revenue.

I have been teaching several people to earn money online through various ways and AdSense tutorial is certainly one among them.

I have introduced to my trainees several websites and blogs that share their AdSense revenue. To participate and earn online through Google AdSense through revenue sharing sites is quite simple and easy.

Recently, I came to know that a few RSS feed directories allow bloggers and webmasters to earn through a share of their AdSense money.

How it works?
Once you submit your site's RSS feed to, it will be included in the search results along with a display of AdSense. let you garner 100% of the AdSense revenue.

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