Saturday, October 02, 2010

A teenager’s Accutane legal battle.

Circumstances demanded that I follow an Accutane lawsuit contended by a teenager who was once my student. Long before when she was taking math coaching from me, I noticed she suffered from cystic acne on the back of her neck.

I knew she took about every other acne cure medicines both orally as well as topical application. Nothing worked for her that forced her eventually to resort to taking Accutane.

The rest is known to the world. Yes, she succumbed to the harmful side effects of the dreaded Accutane. She had to take long leave from college when one day she was advised to seek legal compensation for her sufferings.

She told her Accutane injury lawyers that Accutane failed to warn her of the possible side effects.

I wondered how her lawyers would take her contention seriously. I was relieved when her case was eventually taken up and I am now following it with concern.

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