Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Acetyl l carnitine- the food supplement we all need.

Not even a page in wikipedia can match this web page on acetyl l carnitine located at I occasionally do medical transcription. During a short transcription process, I came across a patient asking her doctor about the nerve pains she is suffering due to diabetes.

Her doctor told her that her body needs acetyl l carnitine. He further explained in brief about acetyl l carnitine and asked to read all about it in

I think he did the right thing. We generally don’t remember what we hear from our doctors. However, if we read it somewhere, we remember for long and comprehend it better. is a top class informative web page on acetyl l carnitine, what is it, how it works and who it is for?

When I read it, I found out its usage for several ailments including mental disorders and late-life depression.

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