Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Full time automative blogger wanted.

If you are here after reading the headline, then, I have more such headlines for you. To be exact, I have 50 more headlines that interest bloggers who want money for their blogging skill and knowledge.

Yes, there 51 new blogging jobs are posted in the forum. Do you read the articles by Susan Gunelius? She writes for Do I need to tell more? I love her articles and links for bloggers. She is to good at her work.

She just now has posted an article about 51 new jobs for bloggers and the title for this blog, "Full time automotive blogger wanted" was found almost at the end of the list of 51 blogging jobs.

Here are some more as samples:
* Food critic blogger
* Write for Green Life Style
* Blog article writer needed for personal finance sector

Read all about the 51 blogging jobs at
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