Sunday, November 14, 2010

Underprepared car insurance sales representative.

What will happen when an underprepared car insurance sales representative meets a well-informed and seasoned car insurance buyer?

Well, the sales person leaves in a rush, obviously not wanting to suffer any more of humiliation. That is what happened last month in my office. He came with prior appointment of course. I just wanted to have some fun with an underprepared insurance person who revealed his lacuna during the telephonic talk itself.

I have been a loyal customer of GMAC Insurance for three decades and I never even bothered to get car insurance quotes from its competitors whose rates and services are known to me through my friends and colleagues.

With a bit snobbery, I talked about the hidden charges of car insurance, the things that are not covered but should be covered and how one should bargain for them etc.

As I said, the car insurance sales person excused himself on a lame pretext and left.

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