Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How I make money using

If someone tells you that you can't make money by blogging using blogger platform, you can direct them to me. I will show him without any doubt how I am making money using free blog platform like

I can guide any newbie how to earn money by blogging without investing anything and without referring anyone. Blogging for money is a true Internet business and is the best work from home business for students, employed people and moms and dads who have already retired.

I will teach them:
* how to set up a blog using blogger
* how to configure it
* how to name it
* how to change the template
* how to write a blog post
* how to link to other websites
* how to insert an image or video clip
* where to look for topics to write about
* how to monetize the blog
* how to earn using Amazon products' links
* how to write for advertisers
* how to attract advertisers
* how to promote a blog

I charge a fee for all these but it is negligible considering the long term earning potential.

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