Friday, November 26, 2010

A hairline issue.

To a question about why all the hair loss products target men, I have ready answers. Nevertheless, my sister has different ideas. I told her that men lose hair at an early stage because they are natural thinkers and they take household responsibility much earlier than women do.

In addition, men hold key positions in their office; they are more sincere workers than women are. These are generally popular reasons for hair loss.

My sister disagrees with me. She claims that women are more responsible both in office and in their home. They are more matured thinkers than men are. When I asked her why then most women don’t buy hair loss products, she says women don’t worry unnecessarily and they are the ones that take the life easily.

Well, I usually don’t enter into a debate. Opinion differs!

Three years before (I am now 51), I started using Provillus, the much respected hair growth product in the market then. In case you don’t know, I am the head of my family though my husband lives me.

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