Thursday, November 04, 2010

Modern gold coins preferred by youngsters.

Even when it comes to gold coins, the younger generation wants something modern; they are not interested in ancient coins. My son ridicules me when I show him my rare coin collection if one would call it a collection.

Moreover, he is already half-American as he has been living there since April 2010! He says he will not buy anything non-American! I view it as little too much.

Nevertheless, at least he has the tendency of saving and that too in bullion, the safest way to protect one’s wealth. It seems he has built up a few American friends who are teaching him why it is always advisable to buy certified gold coins.

I am very pleased to read his last email in which he had written that he bought a platinum eagle coin and directed to its image in Flickr.

I have reproduced it below. It is lovely!

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