Saturday, October 30, 2010

Insulated hot tub covers for sale.

The youngsters of these days are versatile and adventurous. They don’t depend on skilled labour any more. For fixing household items like leaking taps, replacing hot tub cover, pruning over grown trees and even installing a new geyser, they do it on their own with the help of ‘do-it-yourself’ books and ‘how-to’ videos in Youtube.

My son shares an apartment with four friends who all work in the same company. He lives in a city that is mostly cold throughout the year. The gated community in which their apartment is located has all the modern amenities like heated swimming pool, SPA club, gym and other workouts.

My son and his friends recently saved substantial money to their residential association by making three new spa covers on their own and painting the hot tub covers that made them heroes overnight.

This five-man army is a respected bunch of young corporate employees that are invited for dinner by other residents of the colony every now and then.

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