Saturday, October 30, 2010

Anti virus scan by 36 aniti virus engines.

I like the honesty of, a free virus scanning service for individual files and folders. Yes, it is not an anti virus solution for your PC. It does not check all the drives in your PC for viruses, trojans, malaware etc.

Vir Scan will however scans for all the above in files that you upload to them.

Why would anyone wish to upload a file from their PC to be scanned for security leaks?
There are times when we find that our anti virus software has just expired but we need to urgently download an application or information from the Internet. At such times, we can simply send the files to Vir Scan and get the files checked for viruses and malaware.

You can upload files up to the size of 20 MB.
Vir Scan lets it scanned by several anti virus programs in its database. It literally employs 36 anti virus software.

However, it does not guarantee the cleanliness. Quite frank-right?
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