Friday, October 29, 2010

Top paying adsense keywords

Don't ask me how much each of the following keywords are bidded for by the AdWords players. The amount keeps changing depending on the competition.

However, the basic price may not go down drastically. I know a couple of my online gurus who are adept at weaving blog posts and articles around high paying and less competitive keywords and milk the Google advertisers to their heart content.

I somehow lack the technique. Whenever I tried to write a high paying keyword blog post, my natural writing style always interfered and I end up scrapping the blog post.

So, how about you? Are you comfortable in using high paying AdWords? If so, pick from the list below after finding out how much each can get you approximately.

* best student loan
* refinance house
* voice conference software
* mesothelioma victims
*student loan consolidation
* asbestos attorneys
* liposuction Beverly Hills
* air ambulance

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