Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Are you short of just two steps?

The children these days are amazingly resourceful. They come up with practical ideas at the right time. See this two- step stool below.

It was lying in the corner of my office when I opened it today morning with a note stuck to it.

The note said it is a gift from my 12th class students.

So, they have been watching me struggling to reach the top shelf for mathematics text books. I wished I could buy a couple of two step stools that I recently saw in a medical shop. The idea appealed to me. However, I had no idea where I could buy two step stools.

My students silently surprised me with their thoughtful gift. These two step stools are suitable for libraries and shops where books and goods are stacked on space saving tall shelves. I appreciated the idea of buying wooden stool that adds to the ambience to any room. What I saw in the pharmacy was made of steel.

I was filled with deep felt gratitude.

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