Thursday, December 02, 2010

Can you become famous by buying gold?

I know it sounds silly when you read the title but it turned out to be true to a peasant. He (incidentally he is my relative) is a silent worker and loves the adulation for whatever he does in his own discreet way.

I tried to teach him blogging but he simply did not have a blogger in him. True to his nature, he believes in reaping the fruits of his sowing efforts. He showed unusual brilliance for figures (not human figures buddy).

I asked him if he would be interested in investing in bullion purely for making profit. Noting the gleam in his eyes, I patiently explained to him about how to buy gold, when to buy and where to buy.

With the aid of numerous online graphs showing the gold price movement, I taught the villager whatever has been taught to me by the U.S. Gold Bureau, the authority in precious metals investment.

Then, the attentive student simply vanished from my life for two years only to surface again in the local newspaper that featured him as a successful bullion trader from a remote village.

Hmmm. What have I learnt from my own student?

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