Saturday, November 27, 2010

The moms of the new millennium.

The moms of the new millennium are smart and well prepared. Did you not notice this change? It is very distinct.

They anticipate many shortcomings that they faced when they were teenagers and equip themselves accordingly. I met the mother of one of my students in the temple yesterday. Even the heavy downpour did not deter her to stop me for a moment.

She told me to pray for her teenage son who has shut himself in his room because of pimples. Acne on teenagers erupts without warning and they don’t go away easily. You have to pamper them with prescription medicines as well as home remedies for a minimum of a week for them to show sign of fading.

This mother told me that she is heading the reviews of anti acne products published in See how well educated and insightful she is.

My mother scolded me whenever I got acne on my face. She used to shout at me for my skin care negligence. Actually, I always let the pimples to suppress on their own. Oh, I had applied a paste of sandalwood but never believed it would work but it did obviously.

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