Saturday, December 11, 2010

For the latest news on insurance rates.

True to their word, they are insurance specialists indeed! When I forwarded the insurance quote to my friend, I thought he will appreciate my kind gesture. I imagined he is a novice in matters of life insurance because he is very young. He married a doctor only a week ago.

His email reply me took me by surprise. It indicated that he is not only well informed but also knows where to buy his life insurance policies.

In his email he quoted several pieces of articles from on life insurance for persons over 50. Those samples spoke highly of the website and it revealed a true concern for elderly people who have not insured their life.

I called him up to express my appreciation and gratitude and did not fail to ask him why he had sent those article samples. He gently reminded me that I turned 50 six months ago and I have no life insurance till date.

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