Friday, December 10, 2010

600 do follow forums.

I am not going to stress the importance of do follow forums and blogs. It has been said in 100s of blogs and forums. So, let me just go on to tell you about where to find do follow forums in which you can create a profile with a link back to your website.

The link can be your home page or inner page.

From my experience, I know members of the forums, its moderators and owners will visit your link at least in order to find out your link has not violated their rules! Therefore, your website gets a few visitors instantly.

In addition, you get a very valuable inbound link aka backlink and that too from a 'do follow' website. I don't know when the search engines will crawl the forums and index your link but it will be done ultimately-right?

Now, where do you find a ready list of 'do follow' forums?
Well, it is with me. I have it-600 of them. But it is not given free. I charge a small fee of just $7

If you want it, please email me. Look up at my profile and you will find my email id.
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