Wednesday, December 08, 2010

World’s best photo chromic sunglass.

No one can resist looking for a second time at anyone wearing Julbo Revolution Ski Goggles. The striking color and a debonair frame are really for the contemporary youths who love to emulate their heroes.

My son is no exception. He simply adores Roger Federer both for his game and for style. My son first bought a Rolex watch that Federer endorsed. Now, he saw the tennis ace wearing dashing goggles in a fashion magazine.

He found out that his hero was shown wearing Julbo Revolution Ski Goggles that even I too am aware of. This sunglass is fitted with polycarbonate zebra lens that changes the color of the glass according to the changing day light.

This not your ordinary photo chromatic sunglass, buddy, that can change only to two colors. Its range of colors is awesome and unbelievable.

There are more unique features about this goggle. Read it at the website hidden in the link above.

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