Monday, December 06, 2010

How I burn calories without suppressing my appetite?

My online friends call me I am a digital rag picker because I sign up for anything that is offered free. I like to read e-books and short reports on health, blogging, IM and beauty.

Recently, I was reading a review of Lipofuze when I was offered a free e-book titled, “101 ways to burn calories”. This is my favorite topic. I have written articles on how to burn calories without the aid of weight loss pills and appetizer suppressants.

I am a firm believer of staying lean but muscular without suppressing the appetite. I would like to eat what I like but at the same, I should be able to burn my calories easily. That should be possible for all work at moms like me.

The reason for my looking at a Lipofuze review was I read that Lipofuze now contains 7-keto DHEA as one of the ingredients. This wonder material is said to be an effective calorie killer.

The review site called Supplement Critic contains useful information and is a lot different from several review sites. I have bookmarked it for future reference.

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