Sunday, December 05, 2010

What stopped me from buying Swiss gold?

It is perplexing! Why have I never heard of the Pamp Suisse gold bars till date? Only when I read an offbeat article in a local magazine, I realized I have never heard of the Swiss gold bar in spite of my penchant for bullion investing.

Well, you can’t brand me as a veteran of bullion trader but I am fairly well known to buy gold coins of America and Australia and India. My usual source for buying gold coins is the United States Gold Bureau.

I spent time in the Internet to educate myself about the famous Swiss gold. Though I must say I am pretty impressed with the respect commanded by the Swiss gold, I think I like the American Gold Eagle coins more than the Pam Suisse gold.

Unlike the Americans and the South Africans, I think the Swiss people are not very enthusiastic about seeing their famous gold bars being purchased by gold lovers of the world.

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