Saturday, December 04, 2010

The life of a blog consultant.

I have been blog consultant since 2007. For the first time, I found glimpses of brilliance in an eager trainee. Though he doesn't know much of the basics of blogging like on site SEO, blog promotional methods and blogging tools, he is already into problogging since 4 years!

While training him the art of blogging, I found myself well informed in the art of blogging though I know I have not implemented all my knowledge in my own blogs. I know it is a serious lacuna on the part of a blogging consultant. However, that did not deter new trainees from hiring me as their blogging consultant.

Yesterday, while interacting with my new trainee, I learnt a couple of new things in the area of monetizing the RSS feed with Google AdSense and backlinks in the blog comment.

There is certainly nothing new about the concept of blogging but one must be aware of emerging change in policies and workings of the search engines.
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