Monday, January 10, 2011

How to sell more from your cell phone shop?

Generally, I don’t move out of my house on Sundays. Yesterday was an exception. My close friend pulled me out to a new cell phone shop that he has opened four days ago. I felt guilty for not attending the opening function. Therefore, I obliged his call but with a bit of reluctance.

His shop was loaded with hundreds of mobile phones and accessories that include cell phone cases, wireless headsets, memory cards and card readers etc. What attracted me in his shop was the display arrangement of cell phones and their accessories.

Unlike so many cell phone shops I have visited, my friend has allocated clear cut space for every brand of mobile phones and their accessories making it easy for a customer to easily look for everything he wants for his mobile phone.

I think it is good business acumen. Generally, mobile phone shops keep the accessories hidden and produce them only on inquiry.

I bought a cell phone case for my Nokia from him and wished him prosperous business.

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