Saturday, January 01, 2011

Sources for most searched keywords in the internet.

Are you searching for keywords to blog about?
Have you no clue how to increase your Google AdSense and affiliate revenue?
Do you have no idea what to blog about?
Are you facing frequent mental blocks aka blogger blocks?

Here is a website that has published top 500 keywords that are used in the Internet regularly by world wide users in search of information. Every blogger who maintains several blogs in various niches should bookmark this fantastic resource for blogging ideas.

Go to

Here are a few sample keywords that are frequently searched and none of them is familiar to me:
* nes roms
* dragon ball z
* AS400

The New York Times is another fantastic resource for the most search words in the Internet. Under each search word, there are several sub-categories.
Pretty useful website folks. A tab for 'Most Blogged' news stores reveal plenty of items with 'who blogged this' information.

Yes! We all know Google Hot Trends-the most visited web page by bloggesr who pounce the hottest searches and blog about them then and there to make a few quick bucks.

Here is list similar to Google Hot Trends including it.
* Ask IQ: See top searches at Ask
* Dogpile SearchSpy: Real time search results. Sister site MetaCrawler offers a similar MetaCrawler MetaSpy service.
* Google Zeitgeist: What people are searching for at Google and its associated specialty services in a variety of categories. There are versions for various countries, as well.

* Here is that-the International version with archives dating back to several years.

* Lycos 50: Long-standing service showing top searches at Lycos each week.

* Yahoo Buzz Index: Shows you what's hot and what's not in terms of search topics at Yahoo

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