Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Toying with ideas?

People go to toys mall with a wallet full of currency notes but with an empty head. I mean, people go with no ideas at all. They just go inside the toys shop, browse the display shelves and exit the shop quickly without buying anything. In addition, they complain that there is nothing new.

If they had sought the help of the shop owner, I am sure he would have certainly guided by asking a series of questions that go like this:

  • Toys for what age
  • Is it for a male or female
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Educational toys or just play things
  • Water toys or creative toys like coloring sets or building sets
  • Soft toys or collectible figures

Now, I think you are beginning to get ideas for buying toys. If you are still unsure, how do you like the collectible figure you see below? People of all ages will stop before this figure to admire.

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