Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Become a guest blogger for blogging pro.

I am a regular reader of Susan Gunelius of I have become a big fan of her in depth blogging articles on just about every aspect of blogging.

One of her recent blog posts was on guest blogging at I don't do guest blogging but I have accepted guest blog posts in many of my blogs.

I visited and read the guidelines for guest bloggers. Hmmm.. quite a lot of dos and don'ts but all are reasonable really. Blogging Pro is owned by Splashpress Media

One point in the submission guidelines said that great blog posts will be allowed to be submitted in their other network sites. I wish they could have indicated what their other network sites are. This would encourage more bloggers to try out their skill on guest blogging.

I would urge new bloggers who are looking to brand themselves in the blogopshere to visit It is certainly a good place to gain exposure.

While reading submission guidelines and rules, I came to know about "Community of Guest Bloggers" located at
This is news to me; I intend to explore the site and blog about it here.
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