Friday, February 04, 2011

World's first blog magazine.

Blog M is hosted at this URL: with unique design and navigation that is rarely seen in blogs irrespective of the blogging platforms.

BlogM is developed and maintained by Mr.Vetri Selvan, a fellow blogger from my dear old Madras. (not Chennai-eh?) He has another blog at Think Diverso, a blog that speaks on myriad topics interestingly.

Blog M is a sort of online blog magazine that is going to feature talented bloggers of the world. The BlogM has pointed out top 3 bloggers in January. I promptly clicked on the first blogger named Purba Ray. She has written a short blog post titled, "Fall of Feminine". In her blog, she has touched upon the familiar stories of assaults on women and female infanticide.

The second featured blogger called Nandan Narula has written about investing in mutual funds. I did not find anything new in his blog post.

Oh, I think I got carried away! It is my intention to make you visit BlogM and read it all by yourself.

Give a little bit of push to BlogM in the blogosphere. I hope it reaches to all the Chennai bloggers.
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