Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wireless speakers for iPod touch.

This is what I wanted-a pair of wireless speakers for the iPod my son bought for me before he left for Norway. The iPod touch he got was a used one though in a new condition. My near deaf husband wanted his son to get him ipod touch speakers and that too 'wireless 'so that we can carry the entire audio system to the terrace and enjoy the communication without any disturbance.

I showed the source to my son and asked him whether it would suit the iPod touch he gave me. He read the specification online ( and immediately approved of my choice of Centrios Duet Wireless Speakers with iPod Dock.

What he said further made my husband jump with joy. This wireless audio system is compatible for the ancient and very outdated mp3 player that my husband uses.

I placed an order and awaiting delivery.

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