Saturday, April 23, 2011

Niches for blog that yield instant cash.

Making money by blogging need not be a probloggers only area. Any freelance or beginner blogger can make money provided they choose the right niche to blog about.

From my experience and observation, aspiring Bloggers who look to earn money by blogging can seriously consider the following broader niches. The actual task of identifying the keywords and weaving content around them is altogether a different task.

1. First baby
2. Teeth whitening
3. Law of attraction for attracting love
4. Law of attraction for attracting money
5. Finding cheap hotels in Hawaii
6. Discount coupons for Christmas shopping
7. Saving money on car insurance
8. Weight loss without exercise and diet pills
9. Effective usage of Treadmill
10. Keyless locks for home security

As of today, there are about 56 millions blogs in the Internet. Getting found within this astronomical figure is surely a daunting task. But, choosing the proper niche and promoting through effective channels can pave way for long term passive income.

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