Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The longest lasting running shorts for men.

It was all over –the selection of men's running shorts, a pair of hoodie and several socks was completed within 20 minutes. However, the choice of a few blazers took more time than expected. It was because of our ignorance.

We were not aware that Soffe sold blazers too. Soffe’s running shorts and other sports accessories commanded respect from the sports corners of the globe. That was why we did not take much time doing internet shopping. We straightaway landed on to buy running shorts and other things.

Oh, do you want to know who the other person in the ‘we’ was? Who else but my husband whose sudden fantasies would cost a fortune? As usual, his fantasies would quickly fade away and new ideas would emerge resulting in the dumping of the goodies that we shopped.

I wonder how long before he changes his mind and want a tracksuit!

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