Friday, April 15, 2011

Instant blog traffic through guest blogging.

There was lull about guest blogging invitations in the last quarter of 2010. Since the beginning of new year 2011, I have been reading a spate of emails and blog posts about the value of guest blogging to bloggers.

It seems more than 100 blogs have opened up for guest blogging luring the bloggers with a minimum of two links back to their site and syndication of guest blog posts to several blog networks.

Do I detect a mental block in the minds of bloggers who are inviting guest blog posts that will fill up their blogs with unique content free of charge? I think it is one of the advantage for the host bloggers; in fact, I don't see any other advantage.

Oh well, so be it.

Here is a blog that accepts guest blog post.

Be sure to read a rather lengthy rules section before you fill out the guest post submission form.
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