Monday, May 09, 2011

Laptop computers clearance deals are open!

It is for my husband that I wanted to buy a new Acer laptop. He was awarded some Internet marketing assignments. For this purpose, he would be travelling to Sri Lanka a couple of times. I knew he prefers Acer laptops.

My first stop for the best deals on laptops was a laptop service technician’s office. I have picked many points in the past by interviewing a laptop service technician before buying the laptop or desktop. I would ask which brand made the most visits to his computer repair shop, what is the nature of complaints, which brand really delivers what it promised when it comes to the backup duration and so on.

After arming myself with new tips, I would then visit, my favorite shop to buy many things and computer being the most purchased among other items. You can strike a few deals in their refurbished computer section. It would surprise even you if you pride yourself as a tough bargainer.

You never need to ask me how intelligently I purchased. The Source tells it all.

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