Monday, May 02, 2011

Nanotokin-are celebrities stocking it?

Well, the news may be out soon (which means not yet). Beauty conscious celebrities and world beauties who are proud of their smooth skin might be aggressively endorsing nanotokin, the most powerful anti-wrinkle cream to have hit the market with a bang.

When I read a few articles about how Nanotokin works to iron out the facial creases, my first thought was how the hitherto known Botox methods survived till date. Those anti-aging creams and injections tighten the skin alright by immobilizing it and that gave out the impression of wrinkles free skin.

My God, that should have hurt!

Nanotokin promises much better. It helps the skin to maintain the level of elastin and collagen, the basic ingredients of young skin.

I foresee a big demand for Nanotokin in the near future once top models of the world start endorsing it.

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