Tuesday, May 03, 2011

How to use Stumbleupon for blog traffic? requires no introduction for all of us bloggers. However, we all need to use it to the optimum to get free targeted visitors to our blogs.

I am using since its very beginning but I have realized I am not doing it the correct way. Below are some points I have learnt from a few online blogs and SEO forums.

* We have to change the title and description while stumbling our own content. We generally use the same blog post's title.

* It is not advisable to stumble our own content always.

* We must spend time in to actively look for some of our interests and stumble them leaving an useful note for the benefit of others.

* Show genuine interest in others' content and build a lasting network. Stumbleupon is not merely a social bookmarking site. It is a big community of people from all over the world with varied interests.

* Visit at least once a week and spend a minimum of 15 minutes to browse, add friends and stumble their content.
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