Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A rewarding complaint about hot tub covers.

Among a overflowing inbox, one mail stood out because of it’s of subject that clearly conveyed what it contained. In addition, the sender name naturally evoked a response in me.

The email was from a famous 5 star hotel and the email was signed by the head of housekeeping department. He expressed sincere gratitude to my feedback form that I filled out when I checked out of the hotel. I expressed my shock about the bad condition of hot tub covers in the hotel and I advised the hotel to look into the waterlogged spa covers that might prove to be a health hazard.

I have also cited my experience in maintaining hot tubs in my home and what I would look for periodically to take action by either refurbishing the tub covers or replacing them completely.

The 5 star hotel attached a whopping 50% discount coupon for my next stay with them. Isn’t it a nice way to get rewarded for your complaint?

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