Sunday, June 19, 2011

The act of focusing made easy.

With my mouth agape, I listened with intent gaze as my neighbor recounted his days in the forests. Being a forest officer, he talked passionately about the surprises of jungles, animal sounds, bushnell rifle scopes, the art of focusing and modern day hunting and surveillance devises that have made the act focusing easy and so on.

Forests excite me anytime. I am an avid watcher of Animal Planet TV channel. I have always amazed at how the photographers manage to capture every minute movement of birds and reptiles in the darkness of jungles.

Now, listening to my neighbor, I shot him several questions on various optical products that a forester use, protective gears from insect bites. He answered patiently as though he was interviewed by BBC reporters.

A nice half hour was spent which made my day.

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